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Introduction to SIGnet (Serious Investor Groups network) Welcome to Serious Investor Groups Network

Our mission is to enable members to improve their investment performance as a result of organised debate at local meetings, specialist groups and on the internet with other investors of similar interest and experience.

In this video, John Lander, founder and national chairman, explains what SIGnet is, its origins and objectives.

SIGnet is unique in providing private investors with an opportunity to talk to other experienced investors about topics relevant to private investors.

There is no such thing as a typical SIGnet Group.  A group is what its members make it. Members determine the agenda, venue and timing.  You can get more of an idea of what a typical SIGnet meeting is like here.

Centrally SIGnet provides support of whatever kind is needed and through publicity tops up group membership as well as establishing new groups.

Member join for a wide variety of reasons; here is a selection of their reasons for participating.

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