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SIGnet’s Objectives

To enable members to improve their investment performance from organised discussions with other investors of similar interest at local meetings, specialist groups and via the web.

Membership of a group helps an investor increase confidence in his or her investment decisions. An open mind and ability to listen to others are assets.

The emphasis is on investment techniques and knowledge rather than tips.

Company Visits

Occasionally groups organise visits to companies as part of the in-depth research which successful investment requires. On this page we feature reports on two such visits.

Date of Visit
Alizyme 31.07.07
This report by G.S. Hathorn is based on a meeting with David Campbell, Financial Director, who provided a very interesting account based on the Alizyme “Interim Results Presentation” for 2007, available on the Alizyme web site. The report provides an informative review of each of the company's products, touching on the financial outlook for each one, and concluding with an overall financial summary.

Porvair 25.07.06
G.S.Hathorn provides a concise yet detailed report following a visit by five members of the Cambridge SIGnet group to the Porvair Head office in Kings Lynn. The report captures a snapshot of the markets, products and the significance of their future product pipeline. The group greatly appreciated the presentation of the business by Chris Tyler, the Porvair CFO. Attendees were impressed with the products, the way they develop new products in tandem with potential customers and the potential product line under development.


SIGnet is an independent association of serious private investors. It is not involved with sharing consensus-formulated portfolios. It is not a pressure group. Addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are treated as confidential. There are groups in England, Scotland and Wales and groups are planned in Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

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