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The following questionnaire is intended to find out what serious investors feel they need from groups, what they might contribute, provide an indication of their approach to investing and help us establish what sort of group would be of value to a serious investor. The use of individual information in this questionnaire will be confined to the internal needs of SIGnet and will be regarded as CONFIDENTIAL. Collective summaries may be published from time to time. Not every question applies to everyone. Please fill in as appropriate.

Group Requirements

  1. How far would you travel? (miles)

  2. When are you available for meetings? (check all that apply)
    Weekdays    Weekdays evenings    Weekends

  3. Would you be prepared to start a group in your area?
    yes    no

  4. What would you expect from a local/specialist group?

  5. What might you contribute to a local or specialist group?

    Investor Profile

  6. What sort of investor would you describe yourself as? (check all that apply)
    Growth? Fundamentalist? Value? Technical Analyst?
    Recovery Opportunist? Options? Commodities? Trader?
    Futures? Spread Betting? CFDs? Long term?

  7. Which markets do you invest in? (check all that apply)
    FTSE100? FTSE250? FTSE SmallCap? FTSE Fledging?
    FTSE AIM? PLUS? Unlisted? European?
    Wall Street? Japan? Australia? South Africa?
    Emerging Markets? Gilt Edge? Warrants? Hedge Funds?

  8. Have you any areas of specialist knowledge regarding investment, industry, commerce, law, accounting, technology, etc.?

  9. What books on investment can you recommend?

  10. What are your principal information sources?

  11. What investment software do you use?

  12. What significance is investment in shares to you? (check all that apply)
    A hobby?    A supplement to your income?
    A significant contribution to your finances?

  13. What number of individual investments do you manage? Up to 15?    16-30?    31-50?    50+?

  14. Approximately how many times a year do you trade? Up to 15?    16-30?    31-50?    50+?

  15. How many hours do you spend on investment matters on average?
    per week?        or per day? 

  16. How many years have you been investing?
    been investing seriously?

  17. What investment training courses have you attended?

  18. What investment training courses can you recommend?

  19. What investment conferences have you attended?

  20. Do you belong or have you belonged to any other investment
    clubs/associations?  yes    no
    If so, which?

  21. What type of broking service do you use?
    Execution only    Internet    Advisory    Discretionary    Other

  22. Do you hold share certificates?    Use a nominee service?
    Are Crest registered?

  23. Where did you hear of SIGNet? 

  24. What information would you expect from The Serious Investor?

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            image here. Please e-mail us for support.
  27. *  To submit this form, please enter the characters you see in the image:

If you prefer, print out this printer-friendly version and mail to:

Ray Williams,
Chairman, SIGnet,
19 Windermere Rd,
London, N10 2RD

or e-mail to:

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