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SIGnet is comprised of over thirty separate groups, mostly attending the the needs of Serious Investors in a particular location, but in some cases concentrating on a certain aspect of the market. If you are thinking of joining, please fill out our application form and we will put you in touch with a group either local to you and catering for your specific investment interests. Some groups have prepared a description of themselves which are included in the table below. But please remember that there are many groups who do not advertise on the public pages of this website and only once you apply can we alert you to their readiness to help you with your investment needs.

Introduction to the Original London Central SIGnet Group

The London Central SIGnet group is now meeting close to Leicester Square in the heart of the West End, within easy walking distance of Charing Cross rail terminus. Meetings are on the third Wednesday of every odd-numbered month, commence at 11.00 and conclude at 16.00 with a break for lunch. Convenors are replaced periodically and this introduces new ideas for meeting content, but a major item at every meeting is a review of members’ buys and sells during the previous two months. Apart from that, group members present papers on matters of particular interest. From time to time there are visiting speakers. Members are expected to report the past year’s performance (in percentage terms only) at the January meeting. Meetings are conducted on a fully participative basis and everyone is expected to contribute to discussions. Group membership is limited to 22 and membership is forfeit if three meetings in succession are missed.

Please contact Robin Leggate at to find out the latest details.

The Sussex Group
The Sussex group meets once a month on a Tuesday evening with a break in the middle for refreshments, and between times we converse by email. Four of the members have been coming since the inaugural meeting in January 1999, and the other members have been in the group for some years. We were pleased to welcome two new prospective members at the last meeting, one from another group.  We come from varying backgrounds, ranging from engineering to media and travel industries. All of us come to the meetings with a differing slant, and enjoy sharing our views and ideas with fellow members. Some members study Company Refs, and nearly all of us use Sharescope, (a third of us using their Realtime program) as well as other internet sites, such as ADVFN and Digital Look. Between us we read a variety of business newspapers and magazines. Some of our members have long term shares chosen through fundamentals, charting, attending AGMs and meeting with directors or presentations by investors such as Jim Slater. Three of us visited a prospective IPO earlier in the year. Some members have an interest in Trusts and Warrants while another focuses on smaller companies, especially in the mining sector. About half of us have used shorting as a technique, both through spread betting and CFDs. All of us invest in the UK market, with one member also investing in Canadian and US stocks. Most of us have long term investments, although some of us trade quite actively.  A typical agenda will include following a portfolio constructed by one member who chooses value stocks with good growth prospects most of which also provide a reasonable yield. We will then have a report by our mining guru. Another member has a shorting portfolio, which we track. We report on any investing presentations, AGMs or company visits we have attended. In August, our agenda also included other topics suggested by members: "What would be your one selection for Auntie Maude`s £5000 portfolio?", a round table report on our month`s investing and which sectors/companies we are looking to in the future. (One member commented that he was told a successful strategy was to watch sectors to spot current trends). Finally a discussion on useful articles or ideas gleaned from the press and magazines.
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