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Fixed Income Investor is designed to provide visibility, education and research in bonds and other Sterling denominated fixed income securities. A very informative resource for understanding and getting the facts on this often overlooked asset class.

Splits Online

Split Capital Investment Trusts provide a way to tailor the risk-reward profile of equities to the investors' objectives. provides the essential information including yields and hurdle rates to begin your research.

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The UK Shareholders' Association is a long established, voluntary association of private individuals who manage their own savings and investments. It exists to protect and promote to Government and others the financial interests of private shareholders in matters of taxation, legislation and corporate governance. We also encourage and promote closer relationships between Managers and Directors of companies and the private investors who are the beneficial owners of those companies. To this end we have a very active program of analyst style visits to companies.

ShareSoc is dedicated to the support of individual investors (private shareholders as opposed to institutional investors - although directors or employees of institutions can join as individual members if they wish). Our aim is to make and keep you better informed so as to improve your investment skills, and protect the value of your investments. We won’t shirk from tackling companies, the Government or other institutions if we think you are not being treated fairly.
Harriman House is one of the UK's leading independent publishers of finance, trading and investment books. The Global Investor Bookshop offers discounts to SIGnet members on their full range of titles, accessible via this link.

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Visit for Free Image Verification and CAPTCHA software. We use their FormMail, Image Verification and CAPTCHA software on this site so that our online application form is protected from bogus entries.