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updated 6th March 2018

Credit Suisse Yearbook 2018 Summary is now available

As 'serious' equity investors, we accept higher returns for additional volatility of return.  When times are good we forget that and when times are tough, as I expect them to be at the end of a period of above average returns, we need to strengthen our resolve to stay in the game.  This is the central message we take from this publication, which provides an authoritative, well researched review of the returns achieved by each asset class over the long term:

Credit Suisse Yearbook Summary

Ray Williams appointed as new Chairman of SIGnet

Ray e-mailed the following statement to members following his appointment:
It is an honour to have been asked by John to lead SIGnet. By way of introduction I am an investor of some 30 years standing who first met John at one of those London investor meetings and was persuaded to try SIGnet by him. I came away from my first SIGnet meeting feeling strongly that Signet’s approach would be of great value to me. It clearly wasn’t perfect, but at its heart it was a wonderful idea that could be built upon. That ultimately led to my chairing the Leicester Square Group and then to my volunteering to take SIGnet forward.

It’s early days right now as I am only just beginning to get all the information I need to go forward but I look forward to playing my part in making SIGnet  even more successful as a way for private investors to meet and benefit from each other’s skills and experiences and to self-improve their effectiveness.

Online Reporting of Company Information

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) is thinking about new forms of online reporting of company information. This is intended to supplement conventional reporting not replace it. The FRC wish to give investors an opportunity to register their views, and approached the UK Share Holders Association (UKSA). UKSA have asked SIGnet whether we would also like to be involved.  To this end, members may wish to participate in the survey  This asks investors 10 simple questions, most of which offer a choice of simple alternative answers. Please use this if you wish and encourage members you can contact to do so.

Forum Upgaded

The forum software has been upgraded from version 1.0.6 to version 1.0.9, the latest available release.  Since the hosting of the website was moved to CloudNext a month or so ago, the Forum is much more pleasant to use because the response to your commands is so much quicker. Please make more posts!

Paul Welton

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