Market Trends

This section contains papers discussing how to analyse and predict changes in markets as a whole, or of the prices of individual securities.

Title:        Long Term Annual Returns   This paper is restricted to members only

Author:    Jim Steel

For the really really long term investor the returns over 40 years!

Title:        These Few Precepts

Author:    Jeremy Prescott

Jeremy Prescott has put together some general investment precepts, I'm sure that if we all obeyed these all of the time we'd be much better investors.

Title:        Beta

Is beta a useful statistic in predicting share price performance? This article presents some anecdotal evidence both for and against this proposition.

Title:        The Ups and Downs of Share Prices

Author:    Jim Shoesmith

Intra-day movements and movements over the very short term, explained and illustration of their importance to all investors.