Our Members' Papers

The papers written by our members and published on this website as well as in our own publication, The Serious Investor, cover the whole spectrum of equity investment, as well as some other investments. They provide the actual views of serious investors; these often provide more personal, more penetrating and more critical insights into aspects of investments than can be found in most books and newspapers and journals. They therefore complement such public publications and provide different perspectives.

The papers are grouped together under the following headings to make it easy to browse articles related to a particular topic.  Alternatively, look through this index.

Macroeconomic Perspective Discussions of national, international or world economic issues.
Investment Sectors Discussions of parts of the investment landscape identified by, for example, geographical location, areas of business, or market capitalisation.
Share Valuation Methods for determining a companies value as a candidate for investment.
Share Selection Results of selecting shares according to set criteria.
Market Trends Statistics and analysis of the movements and trends in markets.
Portfolio Management Techniques and strategies for asset allocation and the management of invested money.
Derivatives Investment by means of traded options, spread betting, contracts for difference or other derivatives.
Technical Analysis
The prediction of future prices from historical price and volume data.
Book Reviews Reviews of books on investment topics.

Most of the papers in this section are accessible to non-members, but a few have been restricted to being accessible to members only, in order to demonstrate the advantages of membership. At the price of an annual subscription, £25, they unquestionably represent a value-for-money source of investment expertise and experience.

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