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The papers written by our members and published on this website as well as in our own publication, The Serious Investor, cover the whole spectrum of equity investment, as well as some other investments. They provide the actual views of serious investors; these often provide more personal, more penetrating and more critical insights into aspects of investments than can be found in most books and newspapers and journals. They therefore complement such public publications and provide different perspectives.

In this section we present a sample of the papers written by our members. Once you join, you will have access to many more in the members area. The following index gives a glimpse of the range available.

Title:        Return on Capital Employed and Return on Equity

Author:    Jim Shoesmith

These Returns are, basically, simple and useful concepts; they have however been so manipulated (abused, some people would say) over the past few decades that they now perhaps more often confuse rather than illuminate the evaluation of company performance.

Title:        Buffett Tenets


Warren Buffett, one of the most admired investors, is a strong advocate of basing investment decisions on fundamentals. These tenets encapsulate his approach.

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