Learning About Investing

If you wish to manage your own share market investments and are starting without experience we are listing books, magazines, organisations and websites that may help.  We do not make any recommendation but the lists contain services that SIGnet members have used.

  1. Books

  2. Here is a list of books which address the fundamentals of investing:
    Available from: Harriman House
    tel: 01730 233870
    e-mail: contact@harriman-house.com
    website: www.harriman-house.com

    "Shares Made Simple" "The Zulu Principle"
    "Accounts made Simple" "How to Build a Share Portfolio"
    "Ratios Made Simple" "Harriman Book of Investment Rules"
    "Understanding Company News"

  3. Magazines
  4. Weekly
    "Investors Chronicle" www.investorschronicle.co.uk

    tel: 0844 848 0106

    "Shares" www.sharesmagazine.co.uk

    tel: 01444 475 661

    "Money Week" www.moneyweek.com

    tel: 020 7633 3780

    e-mail: cs@moneyweek.com


    "IfG" (Investing for Growth) www.investing-for-growth.co.uk

    tel: 020 3598 1041

    e-mail: ifg@capitalideasplc.com

  5. Newspapers

  6. Financial Times + Supplements including FT Money on  Saturday & FT fm (Trusts) on Mondays.
  7. Organisations

  8. UKSA www.uksa.org.uk
    020 8468 1017

    The UK Shareholders Association is a long established, voluntary association of private individuals who manage their own savings and investments. It exists to protect and promote to Government and others the financial interests of private shareholders in matters of taxation, legislation and corporate governance. We also encourage and promote closer relationships between Managers and Directors of companies and the private investors who are the beneficial owners of those companies. To this end we have a very active program of analyst style visits to companies.

    SIGnet www.signet.org.uk

    e-mail: membershipsignet@btinternet.com

    Tel: 01273 880326

    The Serious Investor Groups Network has for 15 years facilitated meetings of experienced investors throughout the UK. Valuable presentations at these meetings are made available to all members through the magazine Serious Investor and the SIGnet Website.

    Membership is restricted to experienced investor and an application form is available on the website.

    The answers to questions on this form will be used to determine eligibility. Experienced investors will be welcome as SIGnet increases its coverage of the UK.

    Money Advice Service www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk

    An independent service set up by the FSA to help people make the most of their money.


    How to find: www.apcims.co.uk

    Investment Trusts

    How to find: www.theaic.co.uk
  9. Software
  10. ShareScope: www.sharescope.co.uk

    Contact: info@sharescope.co.uk
    REFS www.companyrefs.com

  11. Taxation

  12. Capital Gains Tax:    www.hmrc.gov.uk/cgt
    Inheritance Tax:        www.hmrc.gov.uk/inheritancetax

  13. WARNING (from SIGnet members)