some of the reasons members have for participating include:

 “Friendly atmosphere, sharing experience and ideas”    CF

“The opportunity to discuss investing in a congenial atmosphere with people who take investing seriously and often have different ideas”.  PR

 “Discussions are frank and open and ideas are bounced around”. DD

“An opportunity to talk about the whole range of investments with a group of like-minded individuals with enormously varying investment strategies”.    LR

“Real world input from other investors without commercial or media bias”. PL

“It provides a good 'sounding board' for your own thoughts and ideas that can be discussed and evaluated, often with members who have diverse views - you therefore get balance and objectivity”. TN

“to improve my knowledge from the experience of others, particularly in the techniques used to select individual equities”. BM

“Pick up things you could never pick up anywhere else”.  AN

“I have considerably broadened my knowledge and understanding of the subject”. J R

“It is rarely you are able to talk to other people who are real investors”.    MS
“A network of specialised meetings if required”. PL